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Internship – Center for European Studies

The Center for European Studies offers students, scholars and all people interested in developing a more comprehensive and analytical approach towards the complex dynamics of the European Studies and International Relations field, the opportunity of an un-paid internship for a period of six months, with flexible programme. Applications can be sent at the following e-mail address:

Intern Main Tasks:

– Coordinating/Assisting the process of organizing various national and international conferences, seminars, round tables, scientific communication sessions regarding current issues within the European Studies and International Relations field;

– Writing opinion articles or academic papers on diverse themes (EU, Middle East, US, Latin America, Asia-Pacific) which will/ may be published on CES web-site or in various academic publications;

– Helping with the documentation work, including summaries for some national and international articles and volumes;

– Involvement in writing grant applications, etc.


If you are a graduate student, no matter if you have finished political sciences, economy, international relations, history, communication or public administration, if you want to obtain a more nuanced vision on the numerous aspects of the processes and dynamics existing on the international scene, this internship offered by CES is an extremely significant opportunity. It will help you develop valuable analytical skills which can help you in the future if you are interested in a diplomatic career or if you want to focus on providing expertise. After participating in the conferences and round tables, you will develop your ability to use a technical and logic style of writing analytical papers regarding numerous aspects of international politics. You will also develop a critical-constructive spirit concerning the main patterns of political action at a national, regional and international level, thus being able in the future to anticipate the needs, problems and evolutions and identify strategic aspects and systemic problems for which later, develop efficient strategies.

This internship will contribute to enhancing your knowledge and understanding of the essential concepts of the European Studies and International Relations field, from national practical processes of public policy decision-making and politics to the more complex interaction of states and organizations in the international scene. You will also enjoy the opportunity of establishing and developing important communication relations, partnerships with prestigious scholars, public institutions, other NGO`s related to this field, mainly through organising national and international conferences. The interdisciplinary projects promoted by CES will provide you the chance to discover and obtain significant input from famous scholars, researchers, whose competence is recognized both internally and on an international level.

Moreover, you can benefit from the internship agreements CES signed with different ministries, authorities and public agencies for the purpose of granting access for MA students in the field of European studies to aspects of the activity of public policies units and directorates for international relations and European integration. Declassified case studies regarding the activity of the partner institutions and access to their specialized libraries may be provided to the students in order to carry out their research for the MA thesis. CES also has important internship agreements with actors from the private and non-profit sectors, as well as significant media institutions.

How to apply:

If you want to apply for CES internship you have to send a Euro-pass CV in English and a motivation letter regarding your interest for this opportunity and the relevance of this experience for your future career path, on the e-mail address: The selected candidates will be contacted by CES members. At the end of the internship period, every intern will receive practice certificates and the highest achievers will benefit also from letters of recommendation. Once the internship is over, each intern should have developed a more comprehensive and critical approach towards the aspects/themes of the European Studies and International Relations he/she has chosen to focus on in the first place.