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Title of the project:
In and Out: Understanding the European Union beyond its Borders

Financed by: The European Commission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

Host institution: The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Department of International Relations and European Integration

Administrative staff: Professor Iordan Gh. Bărbulescu – Academic Coordinator; Lecturer Oana Andreea Ion, Phd. – Academic Assistant; Ana-Maria Costea, PhD. – Academic Assistant; Luminița Bogdan, PhD. Student – Assistant; Amira Sawan, PhD. Student – Assistant; Alexandra Prelipceanu, PhD. – Module Webmaster

Teaching staff: Professor Iordan Gh. Bărbulescu, PhD.; Professor Ioan Horga, PhD.; Professor Adrian Ivan, PhD.; Professor George Anglițoiu, PhD.; Professor Mircea Brie, PhD.; Lecturer Dacian Duna, PhD.


The project “In and Out: Understanding the European Union beyond its Borders” intends to develop border management trainings for frontier workers from Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, as means to improve knowledge and practices on the European policies in particular those related to the border management and security.


Since 2007, Romania is an EU member state, through its accession changing the borders of the entire organization. The current regional problematic security context induce more pressure and demands for Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine towards the creation of an efficient and effective strategy through public policies measures and instruments in order to decrease the recurrence of negative phenomena like illegal migration, human trafficking, drugs, arms, etc.

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