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The aim is to facilitate an on-going dialogue between the teaching staff, participants, decision-makers involved in the project and civil society. Taken into consideration the dynamic character of the information presented, this deliverable is characterized by its constant need of updating every year.


It will host both the interactions between the participants and the teaching staff of the Centre of Excellence and also the practical exercises in which the frontiers workers will be involved during the project. The main gain of this forum is the possibility to offer a space for dialogue between the target group of the project and academics for different questions and answers about the activities or the outcomes on EU border management but also, know-how exchange between the frontier workers and why not a better cross-border cooperation due to the people to people connections encouraged by the project.

Academic publications.

They will result from the research activities of this project such as study visits, conferences and roundtable. This deliverable will help familiarizing the target group with issues regarding public policy and programs evaluation with focus on cross border cooperation and its impact in improving governance. The academic articles will contribute to further analysing and understanding models of cross-border cooperation on EU eastern borders.

 Available presentations:

Arhitectura Institutiilor UE-Ro

Evaluarea cooperării transfrontaliere

Geopolitica Europei Centrale şi de Est


Identitatea minoritatilor nationale si noile forme ale frontierelor spatiului european

Politicile Uniunii Europene