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School of Advanced Studies: Research methods for analysing governance networks. Using academic research in the policy-making process (May 27th – June 1st 2013, Bucharest)
  • The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration
  • The Department of International Relations and European Integration
  • The Centre for European Studies

Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation, Competition Programme – Schools for Advanced Studies. Project Manager Lecturer Oana-Andreea Ion


The event answered the necessity of adapting the existent methodology and of identifying new research instruments regarding both the democratic governance networks, and the interactions between different types of interest representation. Governance networks analysis depends on the studied policy, hence designing the research methods and techniques is a flexible and permanent process, which takes into account the particularities of the analyzed policy, the characteristics of the involved actors and the availability of information. At European level, there is good knowledge of the methods and techniques which could be used in governance networks research, but the specificity of domestic policies is an indicator of the need to train national experts capable of undertaking research in this field. Therefore, the organizers pursued, as well, the establishment of  tripartite frameworks for collaboration-comprising Romanian researchers (know-how providers), foreign researchers (counselling suppliers), and actors involved in public policies (beneficiaries)- in order to raise the quality standard of the domestic input in the process of analysis and policy-making at national and/or European level.


The implementation of the project ’’The Development of Curriculum and the Improvement of Academic Management in the Field of European Studies from the Republic of Moldova’’
  • SOROS Foundation Moldova
  • SOROS Foundation Romania
  • Centre for European Studies (CES) – Department of International Relations and European Integration (DIREI)